Sai Angan – Play Schools in Bhubaneswar

Sai Angan – Play Schools in Bhubaneswar

Sai angan best play schools in Bhubaneswar
Sai angan

Sai Angan Play School is one of the best play schools in Bhubanewar and is said to be the Asia’s largest Play School and enhances and moulds children very early on in such a way that they not only excel in life but also build skills like confidence, good behaviour, explore various activities, thus expanding the child’s knowledge and overall development. As we all know for the growth of children the Play Schools plays an important role as at the correct age if you enroll your child in play schools this will allow your child to enhance his/her personal, physical, social and emotional growth. Many a time, parents do not consider putting their child in a Play School and they often regret later as they can see the difference between their child and others who have attended a Play School. Play Schools ensure that your child’s communication skills are enhanced right from when he learns to talk.

Home of engaging experiences for your child: It is often said that ‘A child only grows leaps and bounds when he not only rests well but also keeps himself engaged and interacts more with the children of his age group.’ This is one of the biggest advantages of a Play School. It allows the students to indulge in simple activities like connecting the dots with letters, coloring, playing with play dough. Such activities enhance their fine motor skills as well as increases their sense of wonder. It allows the child to not only learn but also instils in them the social skills while interacting with his peers. Play Schools ensure that children have an engaged and productive day while they not only have fun but learn a lot leasing to improvement in their memory, pre-reading, pre-math, oral language abilities and much more.

Preparing your child for the next level: Play School is the first hands-on experience for a child with a certain set of people, allows them to learn how to cope and adjust better into preschools. It helps them to understand concepts like sharing, communicating and teamwork. These concepts when inculcated at an early age, go on to stay with a child for the longest time.

How to make the final choice?: Play School as a concept has been around in India for a very long time now. It is the first experience a child has in learning, following instructions and playing in a structured setting with teachers and fellow students. That is the reason why a calculated and thought through the process must be indulged into by parents to be able to decide the correct Play School for their child. In today’s day and age, the need to put your child in a Play School holds utmost importance. You should keep a few things in mind while choosing a Play School for your child;

1.Whether the teachers in the school are constantly engaging the students in new activities.

2.Whether the surroundings and the teachers are accepting of every child’s personal needs and care.

3.Whether the children are taught basic etiquettes and asked to practice them daily.

4.Are the children also are given enough time to rest in the Play School

Eventually, parents must choose the Play School that would not only engage their child but also help them develop life skills.

Best Play Schools in Bhubaneswar

Contact address:
Sai Angan, 5A, Chandrasekharpur
Infocity Road, Bhubaneswar – 751024, Odisha
FOR ADMISSION+91-674-7100200


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